Otherwise known as … why I love my memory foam bed!

I have been meaning to blog about my fabulous bed for months now. But it’s seemed like a frivolous topic, so I put it off for more significant things like medications and treatments. However, after spending several nights in a hotel recently … I have realized this bed is very important to me!

Without any idea that RA was in my future, about 4 years ago we upgraded to a lovely king size memory foam mattress from a small manufacturer. It was a bit scary to order a bed from the Internet without every testing it. However, we found a lot of positive reviews online for the middle to higher end models from this manufacturer. And because we ordered direct, the pricing was right in line with our budget.

I had been experiencing some shoulder pain as a mostly side-lying sleeper, and our hope was that the memory foam would decrease my discomfort. And oh happy days! It did! What I didn’t realize since the RA diagnosis was that this bed is one piece of my very important pain-management puzzle.

Memory foam generates some warmth when you sleep in it, so that helps me. This particular model is ventilated, so the heat feels all positive and never oppressive. More importantly, the memory foam allows me to sleep on my back without a myriad of pillows propping me into a comfortable position. And this helps me give my shoulders a much-needed break.

I also found that the discomfort in bed had another downside. I was so uncomfortable that I was forever shifting around during the night. So my sleep was much lower quality, even though we were vacationing and moving at a very relaxed pace. And you know how important sleep is to an RAer!

After a few days on vacation, my right shoulder was screaming so loud that I couldn’t even carry my itty-bitty purse without intense pain. After two nights back on my own bed, thankfully it’s quieting down. Here’s hoping it keeps getting better as I go back to my normal routine.

In case this makes you consider a mattress upgrade, here’s a video from WebMD with some good ideas!