Okay, it’s official … I’ve registered for my first 5K ever … and my first Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis!

Some friends run the race every year, and have committed to walking the 5K with me. My knees just won’t let me run, but I think I can do the longer of the two events. I better have the paraffin dip ready to go afterwards though … guarantee I will be chilled to the bone!

The knees have been “hinky” for well over 10 years. It’s likely to be more OA than RA, but I’m planning to ask the Rheumy next week if we should do more evaluation. Pain levels have been much higher than “normal” in the last several months. Bah on that – I’m doing the 5K for as many years as I possibly can.

Let me know about your Jingle Bell Run experiences – I’d love to hear!