He finally talked me into joining him this year!

My friend Mike has been doing the Jingle Bell Run here in our town for several years. He’s a great athlete, and he and I have been teammates, colleagues and friends for a long time. Honestly, he’s the brother I didn’t have biologically. We just “get” each other!

This year, after hearing about my RA diagnosis, he “nudged” me to participate in the Jingle Bell Run. It didn’t take much nudging even though I really hate the cold. I also haven’t been able to run for over 10 years due to OA in my right knee. So we decided to walk the Jingle Bell course together!

We organized friends into a team (including my husband). But everyone ended up pooping out for one reason or another. Funny, the lady with RA shows up but everybody else wimps out. Okay, except my darling husband who had a kidney stone. He gets a free pass this year! 😉

Last week the weather forecast was … rain, rain, rain. Sunday arrived and the forecast was still rain all day. Did I mention that I really truly hate the rain? Know it was going to be cold, I had headed to the outdoor gear store and purchased some “base layers.” (When did they stop calling it long underwear?) But rain?

Thank goodness for the golf rain pants that I borrowed from my husband, who is 5 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier. Rolled up and rolled down, the pants did the trick. Although I felt like Ms. Michelin for sure!

On the other hand, I had so much water in my shoes and socks by mile 2.5 that we decided I was “gellin'” like they say on that commercial. Next time – better winter shoes!

But, in the big scheme of things, I am so grateful for Mike’s support. The best part was seeing all of the folks who had contributed or raised money for the Arthritis Foundation. Huge crowd of runners/walkers despite the weather! And darn, it was a fun way to spend a few hours.

Oh and by the way, my biggest side effect was the need for lots of sleep afterwards. Big nap within a few hours and long hours of sleep that night. Not bad … I think I’d do this again.