I’m pretty sure that ginger is my new hero.

This week I am moving from 2.5 mg to 5 mg of MTX. So I anticipated a lot more nausea than last week. But thankfully I planned ahead. Since I know that ginger helps manage nausea, I started with ginger tea on Saturday morning. And had about five small pieces of crystallized ginger in the afternoon and evening Saturday. I may ultimately take ginger capsules, but wanted to start with “real foods” since I could see what my dose really would be. (Can never be sure that supplements deliver what the label says.)

Sunday¬†morning I decided to do one of my two intense yoga classes of the week. The theory was that if I’m MTX-tired on Monday, I won’t have to drag myself through a hard class again until Thursday. Normally, I have a smoothie (mostly veggies & fruit) every morning. So after yoga I made a carrot/orange/ginger smoothie. Have to say I got a little overzealous with the ginger … but fundamentally it’s a good flavor.

After the smoothie, I took my two tabs of MTX (and all my other meds/vitamins). Then I just settled down to do some laundry and watch a couple shows from the DVR. Nothing like a little laziness to make me feel better! I also munched a few ginger snaps … which was mostly just a yummy indulgence. The cookies really don’t have as much “active ingredient” as the crystallized ginger.

By 4pm I’d only had minor queasiness … nothing at all as intense as last week. However, the tiredness did start to set in and was solved by a short nap.

By 7pm I was ready to declare ginger the hero of the day! Now the next test of the 5mg will be how tired I am on Monday …