Week Three (Sunday) was pretty much a non-event, which is maybe why I haven’t blogged it until now (Wednesday). I moved up to 7.5 mg, which is three pills. Only one pill away from the final dose of 10mg/week.

As with Week Two, I did start with some crystallized ginger & ginger tea on Saturday and continued on Sunday.

I took one pill at lunch on Sunday, and ventured out of the house to spend some time with friends. The afternoon brought a pretty good energy level and no real nausea. Sunday at dinner I took the remaining 2 pills, and again experienced nothing significant in terms of side effects.

Now I am wondering if the nausea from Week One was due to the glass of wine I had on Saturday night. I haven’t had any alcohol since, and the nausea is certainly less significant. We are planning dinner with friends this coming Saturday night, but I think I’ll skip the wine … much as it pains me …

And I have to say that the last two Sunday nights have been poor sleeping nights … but not because of MTX. Instead, I have had a sick and coughing husband who keeps waking me with his restlessness. So I’m now wondering if the overtired feelings on Monday are really all the MTX or not.

I have had some mouth tenderness, but nothing that I’d really count as a sore. Just little spots that seem slightly irritated for a brief time. And no hair loss yet either. Hoping it stays that way. I do take 1 mg of folic acid every day to help combat this.

Maybe this weekend will be more “normal” and give me a better idea. But overall, I continue to be hopeful that the side effects will remain small and the MTX benefits will be well worth the effort.

Thanks for listening …