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Whenever something new happens in my life, my pattern is to find a book about it and read away. I realize that the Internet is more current, but there’s nothing like a good book for long-term reference. Once the Rheumatologist said it was 99% sure I had RA, here’s what I tracked down.

I found The First Year: Rheumatoid Arthritis An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed at my local bookstore. It’s been pretty helpful, although it was published back in 2005. The author is also an RA patient, so she writes in a very reality-based way.

A colleague recommended The Autoimmune Epidemic. I haven’t gotten very far with it because I thought I should focus on learning about RA specifically first.

I am also planning to read What to Do When the Doctor Says it’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. This book is out of print so you may have to hunt a bit for it. I figure that when RA Warrior recommends it, the information is solid.

Would love any other recommendations you might have to offer!